Not so very long ago in 2003, WordPress started out as an easy blogging platform for bloggers. With thousands of avenues for customization including plug-ins, widgets and optional CSS coding, it has grown into the most resourceful Content Management System used by top businesses everywhere. And it stands way out from competitors such as WIX, Squarespace, etc. But why? Why is it so highly favored? Why is everyone choosing to build their websites with it? Here are 5 reasons that will answer those questions.

It is simple, easy and user-friendly

This is by far my favorite reason. I’m not a tech wizard nor am I a web designer, but I can build websites using WordPress. Its themes are simple to install and easy to maintain. No HTML coding required. Hallelujah!

It puts control of your website in your hands

This is probably the number one reason so many choose WordPress. Once your website is built, you can update and modify your site on your own, anywhere, anytime and from any computer. You can add content, testimonials, manage comments, create and upload blog posts, and so much more. Such control and flexibility makes it highly favored.

Search engines love WordPress websites

It is very easy for search engines to index WordPress website content. Search engines love fresh content, aka blog posts, and lots of it. Search engines love content that is constantly updated as well. Plus, there are so many easy-to-use SEO plug-ins that allow for basic SEO additions to each page. My favorite SEO plug-in is Yoast SEO, easy peasy and wonderful!

It is open-source software

Open-source software (OSS) is a techy term. It simply, there are many WordPress themes and there are thousands of people working on WordPress at any given moment.

Themes are available online at no cost. Many are available for purchase, too. Their designs are simple and quite accommodating for both personal and business needs, and they can be used for both personal and business blogging.

You can customize your WordPress website without difficulty

Not only are WordPress websites easy to maintain and modify, they can be customized easily, too. If your websites lacks appeal, you can update its look and feel with minimal fuss. Keep things interesting for your customers and you with just a few clicks here and there.

Side Note: It’s important, very important, that you choose a responsive theme for your WordPress website. A responsive theme makes your website content consistent and user-friendly on PC’s, mobile devices and tablets. Failure to choose a responsive theme could get your website penalized or demoted by Google. Ouch!

Build your website today!

  1. Choose your theme
  2. Customize your theme – manage colors, header, front, widgets, site title, featured content & more.
  3. Click “Save”

It’s that easy! You are on your way to a having a beautiful, user-friendly WordPress site to direct lots of traffic to for business.

Become a fan of WordPress today. Take control of your website. Start blogging with ease. Manage your online presence with a new website you can create with just a few dozen clicks and widget additions. Or call Rockin’ Robin Virtual Assistance for a free 15-minute consultation. I can create fresh content and manage your blog for you every week. Call (307) 631-1867 or write robin@rockinrobinva.com.

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